EpiExam and EpiCleaning

A thorough cleaning and exam during which scaling and polishing are used to keep your smile happy and healthy. Our exam also always for your Epident clinician to discern any areas of treatment/concern.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Fillings and veneers. Veneers are covers placed over the teeth, often in cases of staining, chipping, and other undesirable defects to the appearance of the teeth. They are typically constructed from porcelain or ceramic.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is placed over a tooth, usually made of ceramic, porcelain, or metal, to adjust the shape and appearance. Unlike a veneer, it covers the tooth in 360 degrees rather than just the superficial surface.


A titanium implant can be placed in cases where a tooth is missing or unrestorable


Clear aligners used to straighten teeth without the hassle or undesired appearance that come with tradiontal braces.

Endodontics/Root Canals

When the pulp or nerve of your tooth is damaged or infected with bacteria, a root canal therapy can help! We remove the infected pulp tissue, clean, shape, and fill it with a biocompatable material.

Bone Grafts

Used to fill in areas where a patient's bone is missing

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

In cases where a patient's wisdom teeth are impacted, it might be recommended to extract them in order to prevent damage to surrounding teeth.

Sleep Apnea

A harmful conditon in which a patient doesnt receive enough oxygen during sleep (their o2 blood saturation is too low). This can lead to drowsiness and cognitive problems as well as increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. At Epident, we can perform an airway analysis and help get you back to your proper self!


A host of care and treatment options for the young members of your family.

Proffesional Whitening

Bleaching and whitening treatments used in cases where the patient desires a whiter and brighter smile


Gingival tissue is tested in a lab, often for cancer.

Laser Surgery

Virtually pain-free method of using heat and light for a variety of procedures.

Covid-19 Safety
Epident has implemented the following to keep you safe and smiling! Pre-treatment rinse, Foggers, Sanitizers, Air purification in every smile studio and waiting lounge that filters better than HEPA, Individual smile studios (not open concept), Temp. check, Plexiglass barriers,Masks.
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